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Montana Wheat and Wheat Montana

The hard red and hard white wheat grown in North Central Montana are recognized around the world for their quality. The wonderful breads and other products created from Montana wheat are among the finest in the world due to the quantity of the protein they contain. High up in Montana, with its low humidity, problems like fungus, disease, and insects are rare. Cold winters eliminate many problems that hamper farmers in wetter, warmer regions. This allows for a more natural approach to wheat farming than others area can enjoy.

The Folkvord family has been involved in agriculture for three generations. Through hard work, determination and good fortune, Wheat Montana Farms has become the model agriculture operation of the Northern Great Plains. Their operations encompass 12,000 acres of the most productive soil in Montana which is located near the headwaters of the Missouri River near the town of Three Forks and surrounded by the majestic Elkhorn Mountains. At 5,000 feet above sea level, it is also the highest elevation grain is grown in North America. The low rainfall, high elevation and cool nights on their farm result in some of the highest quality grains in the world.

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